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Professor Michael Seery

Dr Michael Seery

Personal Chair of Chemistry Education and Director of Teaching

Room 74

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

Research Interests

Chemistry education, technology enhanced education, laboratory education, school to university transition, academic writing.

Research Overview

Research interests focusses on two areas:

1. Supporting Student Learning

This work explores the use of online learning resources that students use in preparing for and reviewing lectures and laboratory work. Of interest is the relationship of students??? study patterns with the use of e-resources, in order to gain intelligence on the value and usefulness of supporting resources we provide to students. We are interested in student learning journeys, and exploring usage through the emerging field of learning analytics.

2. Laboratory Education

The laboratory plays a central role in chemistry education and is the major point >of contact with students. Work here focusses on how students prepare for laboratory classes, as well as the design of the laboratory curriculum to promote inquiry and develop an understanding of the nature of science. A current project is based on micro-accreditation of laboratory skills.

I am also Associate Editor: Chemistry Education Research and Practice


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