MSc Sensors and Imaging Systems

Joint Degree with the University of Glasgow

Funded positions available for EU/UK applicants

Sensing systems are quickly becoming an essential part of a great number of industries, spanning a whole range of applications such as environmental monitoring, precision metrology and health care. In this industry-focused programme, students will be given the skills and knowledge to contribute to sensor related opportunities in companies working with sensor technology and applications.

Sensing and sensor systems are essential for advances across all fields of engineering, physics and chemistry and can be enhanced when multiple sensing functions are combined into arrays to enable imaging. Industrial applications of sensor systems are ubiquitous: from mass-produced sensors found in modern smart phones and cars to the state-of-the-art, specialist high-value sensors routinely used in aerospace, scientific equipment, machine tools, medical equipment, environmental monitoring and the oil industry.

This MSc course will equip students to meet the challenges associated with sensors across a broad range of applications

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Funding and Finance

Prestigious Scottish Funding Council Awards are available to high calibre applicants for this programme. The SFC has selected this programme in recognition of the high demand for students with such qualifications.

The awards cover all tuition costs; Normally only those UK/EU students who have been resident in the UK for the preceding three years are eligible for a full award. For some awards, candidates who are EU nationals and are resident in the UK may be eligible for a fees-only award.