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Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

Chemicals being poured into a test tube

UCAS Codes

  • FC17 (BSc)
  • FC1R (MChem)

Our flexible courses give you a general overview of chemistry in your first two years before they begin to concentrate on more specific areas as you progress in your degree. This solid grounding in the basics of chemistry allows you to make an informed choice when it's time to specialise in your later years.

Medicinal and Biological Chemistry is concerned with understanding biological mechanisms and processes at the level of the atoms and molecules involved, and applying this understanding along with the tools of synthetic chemistry and genetic manipulation to design and deliver pharmaceutical interventions.

Students learn how breakthroughs in understanding of the molecular basis of diseases are being combined with cross-disciplinary advances in chemistry, biology and nanotechnology to generate new generations of innovative therapeutics.

The programme teaches a thorough understanding of the structures, properties and syntheses (in the lab and in vivo) of the diverse range of molecules and macromolecules needed to build a living organism. It provides understanding of how biological molecules cooperate in finely tuned networks and pathways or are organised into macromolecular complexes, membranes, organelles, cells and tissues.

Building upon an initial solid foundation in chemistry and cell and molecular biology, this degree programme provides the intellectual framework for understanding this topic from the fundamentals to the frontiers of current research.

Course Structure

Course Name Course Organiser
Chemistry 1A Dr Murray Low
Chemistry 1B Dr Murray Low
Mathematics for the Natural Sciences 1A Dr Antony Maciocia
Mathematics for the Natural Sciences 1B Dr Adri Olde-Daalhuis
You will also be able to study 2 additional courses per semester from a wide variety of options.

Year Abroad or in Industry

Some students may choose to spend the 4th year of their MChem degree studying outside the School of Chemistry. They can spend a year studying abroad or in industry. This extra experience can prove invaluable once you graduate and spending a year in industry is a great way to supplement your income while learning vital chemistry skills!

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