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Fraser & Norma Stoddart Prize 2022

It is a great honour and surprise for me to be selected for this year’s Fraser & Norma Stoddart Prize. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supervisor Prof Neil Robertson, public engagement coordinator Dr Jenny Bos, Dr Anna-Maria Maciejuk, as well as my colleagues, collaborators, friends and family who have each played a considerable role in this achievement. I would also like to acknowledge JASSO, the School of Chemistry and other funding organisations for their financial support during my time in Edinburgh.

Garden Group Paper Published in Catalysis Sci and Tech

The Garden group have had their work on divalent heterometallic catalysts for lactide polymerisation published in Catalysis Sci Tech.

Experiments were led by Garden Group PhD student Weronika Gruszka. Her PhD research focuses on the synthesis of novel homo- and hetero-metallic complexes for the ring-opening polymerisation of cyclic esters as part of the EPSRC CRITICAT Centre for Doctoral Training. Recent MChem graduate Haopeng Sha & DFT Antoine Buchard also give insight in to heterometallic cooperativity.