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Prizes and Awards

Alumnus wins Rising Star at Black British Business Awards

The Black British Business Awards (BBBAwards) is the only premium awards programme of its kind in the UK. Established in 2014, it has been endorsed by three Prime Ministers, the Mayor of London and global business leaders. The annual Awards ceremony confirms the strength of the Black talent pipeline by highlighting the commercial excellence of Black professionals and entrepreneurs, who stand as role models and substantial contributors to the UK economy.

Professor Alison Hulme quoted on BBC

Professor Alison Hulme at University of Edinburgh, explains that the same process applies in click chemistry. "Two chemical partners are perfectly designed to match each other so that when they come into contact with each other in the right environment, they just click together," she told BBC News. But at first it could not be used in living cells - essential for understanding disease - because it involved the use of copper which kills cells. Professor Bertozzi's ground-breaking discovery made click chemistry work in living cells.

Graduate Start-up Chosen as Falling Walls Finalist

Congratulations to MSc Materials Chemistry alumna María Isabel Amorín Cabrera, who has reached the final of the prestigious Falling Walls Venture competition with her start-up, CrustaTec.

Falling Walls Venture is a global platform for science start-ups nominated by academic institutions from across the world. The competition recognises pioneering founders who have successfully turned science into business, proving how entrepreneurial solutions can help solve today’s most pressing challenges.

Fraser & Norma Stoddart Prize 2022

It is a great honour and surprise for me to be selected for this year’s Fraser & Norma Stoddart Prize. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supervisor Prof Neil Robertson, public engagement coordinator Dr Jenny Bos, Dr Anna-Maria Maciejuk, as well as my colleagues, collaborators, friends and family who have each played a considerable role in this achievement. I would also like to acknowledge JASSO, the School of Chemistry and other funding organisations for their financial support during my time in Edinburgh.