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Prizes and Awards

Capps Green Zomaya Memorial Award for Julien Michel

Dr Julien Michel is a co-recipient of the 9th Capps Green Zomaya Memorial Award in 2020. The Award recognises Julien’s work on molecular simulation methods for the optimisation of protein-ligand interactions, and in particular, for the application of this technology to the discovery of a novel class of potent cyclophilin inhibitors with potential application in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Our Health Wins Principals Teaching Award

The Our Health project has been selected to receive Principal's Teaching Award Scheme funding. Our Health projects create community-based research that invites local communities to set real-world research questions and agendas around health and wellbeing. The project is based on the ‘science shops’ model that is used widely across Europe to try to bridge research institutes and wider society.