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REF 2021 Recognises the World-leading Research Environment Provided by the EaStCHEM Partnership

Together, we are one of only three chemistry submissions to achieve a 100% “world-leading” score for our research environment. This result rewards our provision of state-of-the-art research facilities, recruitment of high-quality academic, research and professional services staff, extensive collaborations across other disciplines and with industry partners, as well as our supportive environment for career development and nurturing of talent.

Edinburgh Scientists Tackle Brain Cancer That Took the Life of The Wanted’s Tom Parker

Scotland’s leading brain disease charity, The Neurosciences Foundation, has launched a new initiative to tackle the brain cancer that recently took the life of The Wanted singer Tom Parker, who died at the age of 33.

It is providing preliminary funding to a team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh to enable research into glioblastoma, an adult brain tumour that has incredibly poor survival rates, with only 5% of patients surviving five years after diagnosis.

N-Phenylputrescine (NPP): A Natural Product Inspired Amine Donor for Biocatalysis

The Campopiano and Lawrence groups have published a new amine donor for biocatalysis, inspired by nature and broadly applicable, which could open up greener and more sustainable alternatives to the metal-catalysed methods for synthesis of chiral amines that are currently used across the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industries. They also made the front cover of the journal!

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Electronics

Increasingly high-technology lifestyles have resulted in economic, scientific and societal challenges in supply, demand and use of finite global resources such as metals, minerals and fuels. Current linear manufacturing processes which extract, process, exploit and dispose of these resources are being challenged, with a greater impetus towards circularity in material and resource use.