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Dr Jenni Garden Presenting at RSC Plastics and Climate Change Panel & RSC Podcast

In the run up to COP26, the Royal Society of Chemistry are holding a series of online events including a series of Expert Panels on topics ranging from air quality and water climate to agriculture.

On the 29th of September, Dr Jenni Garden participated in a panel on Plastics and Climate Change, which explored the issues of plastic waste and opportunities to develop sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics.

Bending Sea Shells

Research led by Dr. Fabio Nudelman from the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, has shown a new behaviour of a sea shell of the species Discinisca tenuis. This shell is very hard and stiff when dry, but when it absorbs water it becomes very flexible and can be folded in two without breaking. This work was a collaboration between scientists in UK, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Italy and US.