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School of Chemistry Researcher Gives Perspective on Progressive Plastics

A recent Royal Society of Chemistry article has highlighted results from their Progressive Plastics citizen survey, which indicate that nearly half of people in the UK lack confidence in which single-use plastics can and can’t be recycled. This has informed calls for an urgent focus on scientific research, sustainable alternatives and improved infrastructure for processing waste plastic.

Chemistry Researcher Interviewed by Chemistry World

Recent progress in making single-molecule magnets (SMMs) that are magnetic at high temperatures was recently discussed in an article in Chemistry World. Dr Olof Johansson discussed the work his group and collaborators have done towards controlling the magnetisation of SMMs using ultrashort laser pulses. Part of the work was done in collaboration with Professor Euan Brechin, building on previous research from his group.

Focus on: Computational Drug Design

Chemistry in Focus (Sofia Bariami, Iain Prentice, Kyle Acheson, Angie Mat’usová, and Dr. Antonia Mey) are excited to share their second video showcasing more of the exciting work being done by PhD students in the School of Chemistry. The video features Sofia Bariami’s work on developing force-fields for use in computational drug design in collaboration with the Cole Group at Newcastle, which was recently published in the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.

4 RSC Prizes for School of Chemistry

  • The Ultrafast X-ray Scattering team, an international team of scientists from the University of Edinburgh, Brown University and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has been named the winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new Faraday Division Horizon Prize.
  • The Ultrafast X-ray Scattering team become one of the first winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new Horizon Prizes, introduced after the organisation carried out a wholesale review of its recognition portfolio to better reflect modern science and its impacts in making the world a better place.

Edinburgh Chemist Interviewed by Chemistry World

Chemistry World has interviewed Dr Adam Kirrander from the School of Chemistry, Prof. Jon Marangos from Imperial College London, and Dr David Dunning from the Science and Technology Facilities Council about an ongoing project to construct a major new X-ray Free-Electron Laser facility in the UK.

The project is based on a science case developed by a team of UK scientists that included two Edinburgh academics: Dr Adam Kirrander from Chemistry and Prof. Malcolm McMahon from Physics.