Salters' Festival

We host Salter’s Institute Festivals of Chemistry events at the Joseph Black and Christina Miller buildings.

The School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh has a long standing relationship with the Salters’ Institute Festivals of Chemistry. Traditionally, this was a one-day event where local primary 6 and 7 classes were invited to the Joseph Black Building to take part in the Salters’ Chemistry Challenges and other chemistry-related activities such as fun demonstrations and hands-on experiments. These events were consistently well received by pupils and teachers alike and were a highlight of the outreach calendar for the School of Chemistry.

In 2021, the programme shifted focus from primary school children to older teens in S4 to S5 and aim to explore the diverse career options of those studying chemistry in further education. The programme now consist of inspirational speakers, a careers panel, and a hands-on chemistry experiment on the day at a higher education establishment and offers lesson plans covering chemistry careers to be conducted in classrooms throughout the UK.

The School of Chemistry is not involved in the application process or selection procedure. More information can be found on the Salters’ Institute Festivals of Chemistry website.