This is a selection of web-based resources that we hope you will find useful. If you come across a brilliant resource, please let us know!

Chemistry Trail

A walk around the centre of Edinburgh highlighting some of the exciting chemistry discoveries which took place in the city.

The Solar Spark

This project based at The University of Edinburgh aims to spread the word about the potential of solar energy to significantly contribute to solving the world's energy crisis. On its website you can find out how the sun's energy is already being used, what scientists are doing to make solar power better, and even do some experiments yourself!

Home-Made Playdough

Make your own playdough in the classroom with these easy-to-follow instructions!

Research in a Nutshell

Find out about the research carried out by the academic staff in the School of Chemistry in these 1 minute videos.

Public Talks

Watch staff from the School of Chemistry engage with different audiences in these videos: