Ahmad Alsaleh

  • 3rd year PhD student
  • Saudi Arabia

Ahmad Alsaleh

I am a third year Ph.D student at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I obtained a Master degree in Chemistry from Boston, USA.

In our lab, we work with luminescent lanthanide complexes. We aim to study the photophysics of lanthanide complexes in order to enhance the efficiency of solar cells.

What Can I Talk to You About?

  1. Solar energy
  2. Energy Sources and Sustainability: Where do we get our energy from, and how do we conserve it?
  3. Processes of the Planet: What's the carbon cycle, and how does carbon influence climate change?
  4. Properties and Uses of Substances: How do we get from atoms to molecules, and how does this help us develop new materials?
  5. What's in our soils and rocks, and why is environmental carbon important?
  6. Chemical Changes: What's in a formula and how do we investigate what's really happening in a reaction? What about chemical energy?
  7. Topical Science: Where does science go into the future, and what do the public think about "science" in general?
  8. Forces
  9. Electricity
  10. Vibrations and Waves

I Can Help You With the Following "Experiences and Outcomes":

  • Chemical changes [SCN 2-18a - SCN 4-19b]
  • Properties and uses of substances [SCN 0-15a - SCN 4-16b]
  • Energy sources and sustainability - [SCN 0-04a - SCN 4.04b]
  • Space [SCN 0-06a - SCN 4-06a]
  • Earth’s materials [SCN 2-17a - SCN 4-17a]