Alexis Hennessy

  • 26 years old
  • 3rd year PhD student
  • French

Alexis HennesyI have a Masters in Medicinal & Biological Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh. During my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to work in a large biopharmaceutical company. During that time, I realised that one of the main challenges in the pharmaceutical industry is the high economic and environmental costs of producing the drugs we need in our lives.

Hence, I have started a PhD investigating how we can use biology to solve this problem. More specifically, I am studying how we can engineer enzymes - biological machines which make very complex compounds in living organisms – to make industrially-relevant compounds as a cheaper and greener alternative to current processes.

Outside the lab, you can find me horse riding or drinking coffee (although I would rarely do both at the same time).

What Can I Talk to You About?

  1. Protein and enzyme - what are they, what's their role in biological systems
  2. Molecular Biology - biological phenomena at the DNA molecular level
  3. Biotechnology- use of biology in industrial application
  4. Appreciation for the molecular mechanisms in living systems
  5. Biochemistry- chemistry of the biological processes
  6. Science in collaboration - what do you do if your experiment needs something big?

I Can Help You with the Following "Experiences and Outcomes":

  • Planet Earth: Biodiversity and interdependence
  • Planet Earth: Energy sources and sustainability
  • Biological Systems: Body systems and cells
  • Materials: Chemical changes
  • Topical Science