Dom Cairns-Gibson

  • 24 years old
  • First Year PhD
  • Scottish

Dom Cairns-GibsonAt high school, I achieved a Higher in Human Biology and Advanced Highers in Chemistry and Biology. After that I went on to do an integrated Master’s degree in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.

During my undergraduate, I spend a year researching nanoparticles in the USA. I worked primarily on DNA enzyme nanoparticles which have potential as new pharmaceuticals. Now, I am looking into other types of nanotechnology while doing my PhD at the University of Edinburgh. My research focuses on the Nobel Prize winning area of ‘Molecular Machines’, which I am studying at the single molecule level.

What can I talk to you about?

  1. Nanotechnology and molecular machines
  2. DNA, RNA, and amino acids
  3. Genes and inheritance
  4. Cells and organelles
  5. Medical chemistry and pharmacology
  6. Enzymes and catalysis

I Can Help You With the Following "Experiences and Outcomes":

  • Planet Earth - Biodiversity and interdependence
  • Planet Earth – Energy sources and sustainability
  • Planet Earth – Processes of the Planet  
  • Biological Systems – Body systems and cells
  • Biological Systems – Inheritance
  • Materials – Chemical Changes
  • Topical Science – Topical Science