Jonny Dennis

  • 23 years old
  • 1st Year Ph.D Student
  • Scottish (originally from Edinburgh)

Jonny DennisI completed a BSc in Chemistry w/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Heriot-Watt University, and an MSc in Synthetic Biology & Biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh. I worked for a year as the MacQuarrie Fellow/Scientist-in-residence at George Watson’s College while completing my Masters. After my MSc, I stayed on at Edinburgh, where I’m completing a PhD in Biocompatible Chemistry & Metabolic Engineering.

My research looks at how we can use genetically engineered microbes to produce useful chemicals such as medicines. I also look at how we can use tools from chemistry to interact with microbial metabolism in order to increase the diversity of chemicals that can be made by microbes.

In my free time I like reading about science, history and languages, as well as travelling, hiking, cooking and amateur astronomy.

What Can I Talk To You About

  1. How do we use “germs” such as bacteria and other microbes, like yeast, to make useful chemicals?
  2. How can we genetically modify microbes to produce useful chemicals (mainly looking at CRISPR)?
  3. Why is biology so good at doing chemistry (enzymes as the “machines" in a microbial “factory"?
  4. How can we make biology an even better chemist (particularly focused on directed evolution)?
  5. Synthetic biology: emergence, futures, applications and ethics

I Can Help You With the Following “Experiences and Outcomes”

  • Biodiversity and Interdependence - [SCN 0-01a - SCN 4-03a]
  • Energy sources and sustainability - [SCN 0-04a - SCN 4.04b]
  • Processes of the planet - [SCN 0-05a - SCN 4-05b]
  • Space [SCN 0-06a - SCN 4-06a]
  • Body systems and cells [SCN 0-12a - SCN 4-13c]
  • Inheritance [SCN 1-14a - SCN 4-14c]
  • Properties and uses of substances [SCN 0-15a - SCN 4-16b]
  • Earth’s materials [SCN 2-17a - SCN 4-17a]
  • Chemical changes [SCN 2-18a - SCN 4-19b]
  • Topical Science [SCN 0-20a - SCN 4-20b]