Katherine Brown

  • 24 years old
  • 3rd Year Ph.D student
  • British

Katherine BrownI am a PhD student studying Physics at Edinburgh University. My work focusses on materials that contain molecules: how all of the molecules move past each other; and how all the molecules fit together to make something solid.

I’ve worked on solar panel materials that include molecules, studying how the movement of the molecules can improve how energy efficient they are. I also look at how solids and liquids made out of molecules change as they are squashed to high pressures and all the components are forced closer together.

In my spare time I like cooking and baking, swimming and playing board games.

What Can I Talk to You About?

  1. Materials - what are they and how are they useful
  2. World at the extremes: high pressures, high temperatures, low temperatures and how they change materials
  3. Renewable energy and solar panels

I Can Help You with the Following "Experiences and Outcomes":

  • Planet Earth - Energy Sources and sustainability [SCN 1-04a to SCN 4-04b]
  • Planet Earth - Processes of the Planet [SCN 3-05a and 4-05a]
  • Forces, electricity and waves - Forces [SCN 0-07a to 4-08a]
  • Forces, electricity and waves - Electricity [SCN 0-09a, 1-09a, 2-09a, 3-09a and 4-09a, b, c]
  • Forces, electricity and waves - Vibrations and waves [SCN 2-11b, 3-11a, b and 4-11b]
  • Materials - Properties and uses of substances [SCN 1-15a to 4-16b]
  • Materials - Earth's materials [SCN 2-17a]
  • Topical science [SCN 0-20a - SCN 4-20b]