Vera He

  • 26 years old
  • 3rd year
  • Chinese

Vera HeI have a Bachelor degree in Chemistry and a Master degree in Environmental Science, both from the University of Edinburgh.  I am currently doing a PhD in the same university in atmospheric chemistry. 

My research focuses on understanding the air we breathe and its health impacts in cities. WHO reported 4.2 million deaths every year as a result of exposure to outdoor air pollution, and 91% of the world's population lives in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits. My PhD project is to use modelling approaches to estimate concentrations of air pollutants within cities and use the results to inform both the public and policy makers and ultimately to help them mitigate or avoid significant environmental impacts.  I do not work in labs.  Instead, I spend most of my time in front of computers. I use different tools to analyze data in various formats and try to find stories in them. 

I also work with Master students every summer and we carry small personal monitors to measure air pollutants around Edinburgh.  We have observed concentration changes of particulate matters around Waverley station and Edinburgh Airport.

I enjoy listening to music while coding and reading. In my spare time, I love playing the piano, reading, and walking around Edinburgh. 

What Can I Talk to You About?

  1. Air pollution - what are air pollutants and how do they affect our health?
  2. Geographic Information System (GIS) - how to make beautiful maps?
  3. R programming - a tool for statistical analysis, graphics representation and reporting

I Can Help You With the Following "Experiences and Outcomes":

  • Planet Earth-Energy sources and sustainability[SCN 3-05b,TCH 2-02b]
  • Materials - Chemical changes[SCN 4-18a]
  • Topical science [SCN 0-20a,SCN 2-20b]