Yali Zhou

  • 1st year PhD student
  • Chinese

Yali ZhouI have a Master in Medicinal & Biological Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh. In my Master’s thesis project, I worked on quantum mechanics calculations and molecular dynamics simulation to investigate catalysed reactions. Being greatly interested in catalysis, I decided to join the Garden group for a PhD in Material Chemistry.

My research focuses on the design and synthesis of new heterometallic (mixed-metal) catalysts for the polymerisation of renewable feedstock such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and lactide. This work is significant to decrease the high energy and environmental concern of plastic production around the world due to increasingly insecure fossil fuel resources and slow degradation.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano and ukulele, doing photography and road tripping.

What Can I Talk to You About?

  1. Polymer – how to make plastics and how they degrade
  2. Materials – applications of different materials
  3. Structure analysis – techniques used for structure analysis.   

I Can Help You With the Following "Experiences and Outcomes":

  1. Planet Earth-Energy sources and sustainability[SCN 3-05b,TCH 2-02b]
  2. Materials – Properties and used of substances [SCN 3-16a]
  3. Materials - Chemical changes[SCN 4-18a]
  4. Topical science [SCN 0-20a,SCN 2-20b]