Teaching Lab Access

The teaching labs at Edinburgh University School of Chemistry are among the best in the UK.

A student checking a beaker in a labThey are routinely used by undergraduate students supervised by postgraduate demonstrators. In the week commencing 20th February 2017, due to the Festival of Creative Learning taking place at the University, the usual teaching lab use will be greatly reduced.

Scottish High School students undertaking 6th year projects in chemistry are encouraged to get in touch with the School's Public Engagement and Outreach Coordinator if they think that any of the following may be of use to them in their projects. It may be possible to offer fully supervised access to the teaching labs and the following equipment to a small number of students.

Adiabatic bomb calorimeter  
Analytical balance: used to weigh solids to 3 decimal places. Analytical balance
Buchner filtration apparatus  
Bunsen burners  
Burettes Burettes
Conductance meter  
Cyclic voltammetry basic set-up  
Distillation apparatus: (atmospheric pressure): used to separate liquids with different boiling points. Distillation apparatus
Electrochemical cell basic set up: half cells/salt bridge  
FT-IR spectrometer  
Full range of synthetic glassware: for synthesis of organic and inorganic products. Glassware in plastic tubs
Gouy balance  
JM susceptibility balance  
Magnetic susceptibility balance  
Manometer: used to measure the volume of gas evolved from a reaction. Manometer
Melting point apparatus: used to measure the melting point of a solid. Melting point apparatus
Microwave reactor  
Optical rotation polarimeter  
Peltier controller  
pH meters  
Rotary evaporator  
Separating funnels  
Steam bath  
Thin layer chromatography basic set-up  
UV-Vis spectrophotometer: measures absorbance of light in the visible and UV regions through solutions. Used to calculate extinction coefficients of compounds. UV-Vis spectrophotomter
Variable temperature water baths: water bath with variable temperature control. Used for gentle heating. Water bath
Volumetric glassware: used to accurately measure the volume of solutions. Volumetric glassware