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Professor Jason Love

Professor Jason Love

Professor of Molecular Inorganic Chemistry and Head of School of Chemistry

Room 245

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

Research Interests

Sustainable chemistry and energy, f-element compounds, ligand and macrocycle design, supramolecular catalysis, metal recovery

Research Overview

The Love group carries out research into the design and synthesis of molecular metal complexes that can promote new and sustainable chemical reactivity and give insight into how metal compounds assemble and interact with substrates.

We are specifically interested in: the chemistry of the f-elements; Pacman complexes that provide insight into sustainable energy generation and exploitation; the activation and transformation of small molecules, in particular N2, O2, H2, and CO2; the design of new ligands and macrocycles; the assembly and reactivity of supramolecular systems; the design of reagents for base, precious, and f-element extraction and remediation.

Uranium chemistry Redox catalysis Extractive metallurgy
Uranium Chemistry Redox Catalysis Extractive Metallurgy


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