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Professor Michael Ingleson

Professor Michael Ingleson

Personal Chair of Inorganic Chemistry

Room 226

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

Research Interests

s + p block chemistry, borylation, all things boron, catalysis, organometallics, organic materials, synthesis.

Research Overview

The Ingleson Group’s research is focused on developing new materials, reactions and catalytic processes that utilise compounds containing only earth abundant elements. This involves the discovery of new materials and reactions and the development of earth abundant analogues of transformations already established for the precious metals (the expensive elements, such as Ir, Pd etc., that have very low permitted daily exposure limits). The latter is a crucial endeavour required for society to move to more sustainable chemical processes whilst also enabling the discovery of fundamentally new chemistry thus providing access to new areas of chemical space. Research in the Ingleson Group principally achieves this by studying the fundamental and applied properties of electrophilic boranes and other main group compounds particularly those based on Si, P, Zn etc.

Research from the Ingleson group often uses boron electrophiles to discover novel routes to new organo-borane derivatives that are highly useful synthetic intermediates (e.g. Refs 1, 2 in selected recent publications), or are novel boron containing organic materials for use as catalysts (e.g. Ref 3) or emissive materials (e.g. ref 4). Beyond boron the Ingleson group synthesises, studies and utilises many other novel main group Lewis acids, e.g., carbon, zinc and phosphorus based, as novel catalysts for sigma bond activation, particularly in frustrated Lewis pair chemistry (e.g. Ref 5) and for catalytic C-Y bond formation (Y = C or B, e.g. Ref 6).