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Equality and Diversity

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We strive to provide an equitable work and study environment for anyone, at all levels within the School, and recognise that proactive approaches are required to achieve this.
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This AS Charter ensures the School is committed to implementing ten key principles in every policy, practise and action plan within the School. These principles are ingrained in the School's culture.
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The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee in Chemistry has been engaging in ongoing discussions on how we can respond as a community and we want to share with you where we are in addressing this within the School of Chemistry.

Equality and Diversity is a key part of our policies. Our Equality and Diversity Group is responsible for promoting and monitoring those policies.

You can contact us about anything relating to Equality and Diversity. You can submit anonymously if you wish.

Keep up to date with recent news relating to Equality and Diversity.