Biophysical Characterisation Facility

A service providing 11 networked KTA liquid chromatography units, of various configurations and levels of automation, an extensive core column and chromatography resin library, HT robotic cloning and screening facilities, growth/incubation areas, a tissue culture suite and a set of core wet labs with access to automated cell lysis, centrifugation, and analysis instrumentation.

DNA Synthesis

  • Synthesis of modified and labeled oligonucleotides for research, diagnosis and other applications.
  • Advice on oligonucleotide sequence, modification and experimental design.
  • Two-step trityl-ON/trityl-OFF HPLC purification of DNA oligonucleotides, offering much higher purity than typically offered by commercial DNA synthesis services.
  • Option for gel purification using super-long gel purification rigs.
  • Characterisation of oligonucleotides: UV/vis absorption spectrum, HPLC traces, DNA amount. High-resolution mass-spectra on request via SIRCAMS facilities in Edinburgh (1 amu accuracy).

Fermentation Suite

A service in Edinburgh Chemistry provision lab for growing large quantities of recombinant micro-organisms expressing proteins.

  • 3 BioFlo4500s which are used to grow 10 litre batches of recombinant E coli or yeast.
  • 2 BioFlo3000s which are used to produce labelled proteins for NMR studies.

For more information please contact Dr John White,

High Pressure Facilities

In the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions:

  • high pressure single crystal X-ray diffraction (up to 10 GPa (ca 100,000 times atmospheric).
  • Diamond anvil cells containment for high pressure, single crystal work for Xray and neutron studies.
  • CuBe contained, variable, high pressure SQUID measurements (to 10 Gbar).

Syntheses of Inorganic and Organometallic Complexes

  • Individual, dedicated wide (1.5m) fume-hoods with high-vacuum Schlenk equipment (sub 1 ppm O2/H2O).
  • Full capabilities for organic synthesis at up to 0.5 kg scales.
  • Wide range of glassware for manipulation of complexes and for variable temperature reactions. Capabilities for sample sealing under variety of gases or low pressures.
  • Solvent drying towers for synthetic chemistry.
  • Glove-boxes for sample preparation and manipulation in inert atmosphere (scrubbed, high-purity N2 atmosphere, sub 1 ppm O2/H2O).
  • High vacuum sublimation line (10-6 mbar, 400 C).
  • High vacuum, greaseless gas transfer reaction line, and equipment for a variety of gas reactions at different temperatures and pressures.
  • Box furnaces to 1000 C.
  • Microwave reactors in various configurations, including CEM Discover microwave reactor.
  • Cells and ovens for high pressure and hydrothermal synthesis.